About VPS

Virtual Private Server’s are one of the hosting industry’s best products.

Dedicated resources for your projects, not shared with other users, and full control over your virtual server.

Power and control, yet what can it do to help your business? Read on.


Improve the reliability of your website.

As mentioned earlier, the activities of other customers on a shared server can have an impact on your website. If another site gets a sudden jump in traffic, for example, your site may experience performance issues. Slow loading times are a problem, as they drive visitors away and can negatively impact your conversion rates. What’s more, in a shared hosting environment, you may also have to deal with security issues because a hacked website poses a risk to all other sites on the same server.

On the other hand, a VPS provides an environment and resources specifically for your website and no one else. Traffic from other websites will no longer be your concern, and your site will be segregated securely in its own space. These factors can play a huge role in ensuring that your site provides visitors with a reliable experience.

Improve the performance of your website.

One of the reasons your website might do better on a VPS is that it can’t be slowed down by other sites. However, that’s not the only reason why VPS plans offer a valuable boost to performance. Typically, VPS plans provide a larger allocation of resources than shared plans. You’re going to get more bandwidth and storage and possibly better technology. As a result, visitors to your site should experience faster page loading times and be less likely to rebound. In addition, with a VPS, you can more easily upgrade your allocated resources if you experience or anticipate a jump in traffic. You’ll be grateful to have access to these extra resources next time you’re running a special promotion, live chat, or event that drives more visitors to your site.

Install only the OS and the software that you are going to use.

Shared hosting offers very little choice when it comes to setting up a server. Since this is managed exclusively by the web host, they choose the applications and the OS they want to use. In fact, you may not even know how to set up a server for this type of plan. On the other hand, VPS plans often make choices depending on your needs. Many of them will give you a variety of OS options, as well as an auto-installer for common development applications. Some unmanaged plans even provide complete freedom of installation and administration.

All in all, a VPS is particularly useful. For example, you can choose the PHP version you prefer or use node.js for your project. You can also uninstall applications that you don’t need, freeing up additional server resources.

Choose the services that you need.

In addition to the above benefits, many VPS plans offer you a range of services. In comparison, most shared hosting provides little more than a place to store and run your site. One of the most important decisions to be taken is whether to opt for a managed or unmanaged plan. Unmanaged VPS offers complete freedom, but it also makes you responsible for configuring and maintaining your virtual server. If that sounds like a lot of work, then you can choose a managed plan where your web host will take care of everything for you–allowing you to spend more time on your website and business.

Included with all VPS Hosting Programs

Dedicated Resources

Access all of your VPS resource's from your control panel; add site's or app's as required without limitations on your full admin access to all controls.

Blazing Fast Servers

Our servers are optimized to run the highest enterprise-grade hardware in the industry with current up to date software. All servers NVMe and RAID equipped.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Our top priority is always going to be the availability of your website, and your clients' sites. Our Tier-3 and 4 data centers enable us to make sure all works as fast as possible for you.

Backup Solutions

take Snapshots whenever and as often as you like, and store locally or on external storage. Have the peace of mind that knowing you always have a backup brings.


All our systems allow for full access from within your client control panel. Add IP's, change storage levels, scale up or down - you decide. Monthly and yearly payment options.

WorldWide Presence

We use only premium data centers to ensure high connectivity and the best reach possible for your services, which includes DDoS protection in many programs.

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Fully Managed Servers

All our servers are managed for you, which includes DDOS protection
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Non Volatile Memory Express drives are 8x faster than standard SSD drives -all our systems are NVMe powered

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