Acceptable Use/Terms of Service

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HostBigSpace provides services to clients all over the world. As a result, HostBigSpace is responsible for protecting each client and providing them with the best available services. In an attempt to ensure that we can do so, the following guidelines have been designed to ensure all clients are treated fairly.

Note: HostBigSpace will be the sole arbitrator as to what constitutes a violation of these provisions.

Examples of Abuse:

  • Copyrighted media, without distribution or display authority
  • Nulled applications
  • Cracked of programs or key generators
  • High-yield investment programs or HYIPs and associated indicators, etc.
  • Child pornography or abduction material
  • Fraudulent behavior, phishing, pyramid schemes, chain mail, forgery, or impersonation
  • Terrorist propaganda, racist material, or instructions on the bomb / weapon
  • Virus, spyware, malware, or any other infectious material.
  • Information revealing trade secrets or some other law.
  • Adult content, dating sites, forums, hacking scripts, scripts that abuse servers, etc.
  • Torrents / Warez or any other associated website is strictly prohibited.
  • E-commerce websites are strictly prohibited on shared hosting servers.


In addition, HostBigSpace prohibits:

  • IRC and related programs (including psybnc, bots, etc.)
  • Game servers, voice servers and related apps.
  • Scripts commonly used for abuse, attack or flooding.
  • Sites containing threatening, or vulgar language.

Linking to sites that contain content listed above are also prohibited and may result in immediate suspension. HostBigSpace has the sole authority to choose whether or not the content is permitted.

Any attempt to undermine or harm HostBigSpace equipment, network, operations or clientele is strictly prohibited. HostBigSpace will pursue legal action, to the fullest extent possible, for any such abuse/violation.

Behavior deemed to be detrimental to the functioning of HostBigSpace is also prohibited. HostBigSpace has full right to fine you for the amount of damage done to HostBigSpace operations.

That includes, but is not limited to:

  • Denial of Service Attack (DOS / DDOS)
  • Unnecessary Port Check
  • Pre Bombing
  • Unsolicited Advertising
  • through IM, Forums, Newsgroups, Email, etc.
  • Any kind of hacking activity.

Email Use:

We acknowledge that bulk email is an important tool for keeping people updated. Nevertheless, spamming (unsolicited ads) individuals from a HostBigSpace server (or affiliated server cluster) is strictly forbidden.

Legitimate bulk emails meet the following criteria:

The recipient has indicated his or her desire to be added to the mailing list by replying to the verification email or by confirming the authorization. (The evidence must be retained and made available on request.)

All bulk email senders must post privacy policies.

Co-registration is not forbidden, but reasons for exchanging information must be made available to the public and included in the List Access Confirmation Process.

If HostBigSpace requests for proof of confirmation, you must comply within 24 hours or receipt, or your account may be suspended or terminated immediately.

If any such action results in the blacklisting of mail servers or IP address ranges on the HostBigSpace network, your account may be terminated immediately

Infringement of Policy:

HostBigSpace can, at any time, may inspect systems for any data/activities showing possible policy violations. Resellers are responsible for the activities of their clients. No backup will be provided for any account found to be in violation of our policy or AUP. Clients must respond to all requests with 24hours.


HostBigSpace will attempt to contact you by email when the first sign of a possible violation is noted. These alerts are provided as a courtesy. Responses to these warnings are required. If an alert is received from HostBigSpace, you are responsible for acknowledging the request within 24 hours. Failure to do so may result in suspension and/or termination. Repeated failure to do so will result in termination.

Reseller Hosting

In general, the customer (i.e., reseller) is responsible for maintaining a secure system. The customer/reseller is expected to monitor his or her system(s) and/or service(s). The use of resources should be maintained at the level set out in the service contract. Abuse caused by end-users or unauthorized parties may result in overage charges.

Usage of Resources:

HostBigSpace has the right to suspend/terminate any account that uses more resources than allotted without prior notice.

Policy on Nulled Scripts:

HostBigSpace, like every other host, is against the use of zero/nulled scripts (i.e., plugins, themes, scripts, etc. that are not owned by that particular user). Any account detected using a null script will be suspended immediately. HostBigSpace scans websites, themes and plugins at random, and if any premium plugin/theme is found that does not belong to the site owner, your account may be suspended until you provide proof of ownership. Failure to provide proof of ownership within 24 hours may result in account termination.

Limitations of our Unlimited Plans:

“Unlimited” does not mean that you can build unlimited accounts under your account. Unlimited plans are limited to 50GB of bandwidth or 160 total accounts (the sub-seller accounts are counted), whichever comes first. Additional counts may be created with a purchase of a supplemental hosting plan. Otherwise, your account may be suspended.

Bandwidth Overages:

Overage fees will apply to any service that uses more than its assigned bandwidth allocation, except for unmetered VPS and dedicated servers. Overages will be measured on the basis of the total sum of gigabytes (GB) transmitted over a monthly cycle, unless the service is priced on the basis of megabits per second (MBPS). Services sold by MBPS will be calculated using the industry standard 95 percent method, unless otherwise specified in the contract. You are solely responsible for any overage charges. HostBigSpace may require a deposit if you use/require large amounts of bandwidth beyond their standard bandwidth allocation.


We take weekly backups of both shared hosting and reseller accounts. However, any account that consumes more than 1GB of space but less than 5GB of space will be exempt from weekly backup. Such accounts will only be backed up once a monthly basis. Any account that uses more than 5GB of space will not be backed up at all. Resellers are responsible for the backup of these accounts. We don’t take backup of VPS and dedicated server accounts.


HostBigSpace reserves the right, at its discretion, to block / filter or throttle ports and/or IP address ranges. This may include, for example, blocking Port 6667 (IRC), denying access from a known IP address spamming range, or limiting the speed of point-to – point file sharing programs (Kazaa, Limewire, Donkey, etc).

Abusive Customer:

HostBigSpace may, at its discretion, suspend or terminate the service of any client who is abusive or threatening HostBigSpace and/or HostBigSpace employees. Examples of these behaviors include, but are not limited to:

  • Verbal abuse: swearing, shouting, intimidation, etc.
  • Continual disregard for warnings or notifications.
  • Consistent errors / errors / changes that cause undue workload.
  • Spamming HostBigSpace email addresses, ticketing systems, or servers.
  • Continuous participation in flood / DDOS operations, hacked networks, etc..

HostBigSpace reserves the right to make modifications to its Acceptable Usage Policy at any time–with or without notice.

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